Exhibition Venue

Tesa 1

Technical Data and Facilities

Built in the 1950s, Tesa1 has been originally designed for the Venetian Ship industry. Located in an ex-industrial context, Tesa1 is a space that can be easily adapted to any kind of exhibition set-ups. With its particular structure, Tesa1 is a unique spot in the panorama of the Venetian historic district.

Tesa1 is a 230 m2 building consisting of 2 communicating spaces. It has an independent entrance on the ground floor. Outside there is a covered space of 120 m2 and a 300 m2 water dock on Canale di San Pietro.

The environment is suitable to host: Temporary Art Exhibitions, Multimedia installations, Performances and Cultural Events.

Outdoor Porticato – surface 120 m2 – concrete pavement

Indoor Space – surface 111.27 m2 – 3.30 m high – concrete pavement

Indoor Space – surface 112.70 m2 – 3.44 m high – concrete pavement

Bathroom (dressing room and disabled toilet) – surface 5.20 m2 – 3.42 m high


  • Electrical system 220/380 V (Kw 10)
  • Basic lighting
  • Bathroom (dressing room and disabled toilet)
  • Internet wireless
  • Private dock with crane (5 tons)
  • Private dock for boat
  • Outdoor spaces with a wooden terrace on Canale di San Pietro
  • Accessible for disabled people