cantieri cucchini


_docks_cantieri cucchini are located in San Pietro di Castello, between Giardini and Arsenale, the two official venues of the Biennale, consist of a group of buildings composed of indoor and outdoor spaces, suitable for hosting temporary exhibitions, events and collateral activities. The _docks_  are an assemble of spaces with different surfaces within an ex-industrial complex, some dating back to the late 1800s and others back to the 1950s.

The spaces were originally Shipyards, mainly used for the construction of the typical venetian boats.

There are available 3 different spaces: Capannone, Tesa1 and Tesa2.
Outdoors there is available as well a space called Porticato, a dock with a crane and a wooden terrace facing Canale di San Pietro.


Motonautico Cucchini Shipyard is located on the Island of San Pietro di Castello in Venice. Founded by the Cucchini brothers in 1919, it is considered a historic company that has been operating in the Venetian shipbuilding industry for one century.

Following the evolution and the market needs of the 20th century, the original squero (dedicated to carpenters and caulkers) has been gradually transformed into a company specialized in the construction and maintenance of the typical Venetian wooden motorboats. The shipyard is a qualified centre for operations of revision, restoration and making of the iconic mahogany boats floating on the waters of the Venice lagoon.

In 2003, the nephew of the founders, Francesco Cucchini, bought the adjacent _docks_  spaces in San Pietro di Castello, restored and secured them.

Historically, the _docks_  were used as shipyards and consisted of three spaces: the so called Capannone and the two structures commonly known as Tese, facing the Canale di San Pietro.
The Capannone is an ex-industrial building of the late 1800s, well known for being the place where the mythical parade gondola (disdotona), commissioned by the Querini company, was built in 1926.

Built after the Second World War, the Tese have been designed for the construction of the motorboats used today by Venice ACTV.

For their strategic position near the Biennale venues, _docks_  are a perfect
location to host temporary exhibitions, events and collateral activities.